HD Fabric Sculpt Band

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1 x HD Fabric SCULPT Band + 1 x Compact Carry Case 

With a specialized blend of cotton, elastic and rubber our SCULPT bands are the perfect addition to work outs. Ideal for isolated body sculpting, assistive training, stretching, warm ups, burnouts and rehab - the bands are versatile and adaptable for men and women of all strengths and stamina. 

Each band comes nestled in a compact, breathable carry case allowing for use anywhere at any time. 

Conditions of Care

  • Hand Wash Only
  • Recommended every ~10 uses or as required
  • Hang Dry 

Sizing Guide



14.5 inches

  • Recommended for Small/Medium Body Structures
  • Body Weight Estimate: up to 95-100kg
  • Resistance Equal


17 inches

  • Recommended for Large Body Structures
  • Body Weight Estimate: 95-100kg+
  • Resistance Equal
***If you have a Small/Medium body structure and want less resistance for band use in more wide squat positions, you can try the M/L size.